About History Hogs

Welcome to History Hogs. I’m Tom, creator and sole writer of this space.

My historical curiosity takes me from the philosophical foundations of ancient Greece to the conquests of Macedonia, the might of Rome, and the complexities of Byzantium.

Here at History Hogs, I bring you my takes on ancient history through the dual lenses of classic texts and contemporary historical analysis, blending traditional and modern viewpoints.

Join me as I piece together the past.

Content Commitment

Here at History Hogs, you’ll discover a commitment to originality and the human element in every story.

What You Won’t Find at History Hogs:

  • Rehashed content: I avoid the commonplace, ensuring no recycled material from the web.
  • AI-generated blandness: There’s a strict “no robots allowed” policy in my writing process.
  • Overworked narratives: Expect fresh takes, not the reiteration of well-worn historical paths.

What You Will Find at History Hogs:

  • Diligent research: Every post is anchored in carefully sourced information.
  • Human-centric writing: My content is penned with the intent to connect human to human.
  • Strong opinions: I don’t shy away from minority opinions and relish in the debate they spark.

I promise to deliver stories that stretch beyond the conventional, from alternate histories and ancient myths to deep dives into the lives of history’s famed figures.


I believe history is not merely about memorizing events but engaging in a living dialogue that spans centuries. At History Hogs, I’m dedicated to not just recounting established narratives but to offering counter-narratives that challenge conventional views.

I’ll pose provocative questions like, “Was Nero truly the monster history paints him to be?” By adding context and questioning accepted stories, I aim to deepen our understanding of the past.

History Hogs is here to push the boundaries of traditional historical discourse and to invite you into a realm where history is questioned, debated, and brought into sharp relief against the backdrop of today.

For those deeply rooted in the annals of history or those just starting to scratch the surface, your perspectives and insights are valued here.

For a full list of how to contact us, check out our Contact Us page. Or simply email me at [email protected].

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