Dive into the captivating world of the Byzantine Empire on History Hogs, a civilization I find absolutely fascinating and believe deserves much more attention.

This empire, lasting for a millennium, served as the true heir to Rome and played a dominant role in shaping medieval Europe.

Our Byzantine section offers a deep dive into this remarkable empire, highlighting its enduring legacy in art, culture, and politics.

Discover how Byzantium bridged the ancient and medieval worlds, contributing significantly to the cultural and political fabric of Europe.

With detailed articles, expert insights, and engaging narratives, we explore the empire’s strategic expansions, innovative governance, and the architectural majesty of Constantinople.

The Byzantine Empire’s story, marked by its rise to power, periods of conflict, and monumental achievements, is a testament to its lasting impact on the world.

Constantine XI

Constantine XI’s Final Speech and the End of Byzantium

Tom Curley

“You, my comrades in arms, obey the commands of your leaders in the knowledge that this is the day of ...

Artwork of a Byzantine Emperor. Who are the greatest Byzantine Emperors?

Top 10 Greatest Byzantine Emperors

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Welcome to a journey through the annals of history, where we explore the grandeur of the Byzantine Empire through the ...

Artwork of the Byzantine army outside of Constantinople. They are displaying the Byzantine army weapons.

Top 8 Byzantine Empire Weapons – Ancient Military Innovation

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The Byzantine Empire stands as a testament to military ingenuity and strategic prowess. Spanning over a millennium, this Empire’s survival ...

Artwork of the Plague of Justinian. Byzantine Mosaic style. What if the Plague of Justinian never happened?

What if the Plague of Justinian never happened?

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What if the Plague of Justinian had remained a dormant threat, never erupting into the pandemic that reshaped the Mediterranean ...

Artwork of the 1453 Siege of Constantinople. Just one of many Sieges of Constantinople

The 6 Sieges of Constantinople that Defined a Millennium

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Artwork of Greek ships burning Arab Invading ships with Greek fire

Top 10 Byzantine Inventions That Changed History

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Artwork of the Varangian guard arriving by sea

Varangian Guard Weapons – Axes, Swords, Helmets, and Armor

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Welcome to an in-depth look at the Varangian Guard weapons that struck fear into the hearts of foes and carved ...

Artwork of a Byzantine Empress. Byzantine Mosaic style

Shortest Reigning Byzantine Emperors – (Top 10 Listed)

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Discover the stories behind the shortest reigns in Byzantine history. From political coups to untimely deaths, the rise and fall ...

Artwork in Byzantine Mosaic style. Old long reigning Byzantine Emperor sat on a throne

Longest Reigning Byzantine Emperors – (Top 25 Listed)

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A Roman statue podcasting

The 7 Best Roman History Podcasts

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Podcasts have revolutionized how we learn and engage with information, offering a flexible and convenient way to explore a wide ...

A modern imagination of Constantinople

What if Constantinople Didn’t Fall? – (Modern Byzantium?)

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The fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in 1453 was a turning point in history, marking the end of the ...