Delve into the Roman era on History Hogs, a period distinguished by its wealth of written sources, unlike many other historical epochs.

This abundance of documentation enables us not just to rely on fragmented evidence but also to engage in profound reevaluations and entertain a diverse range of perspectives.

Our Roman category offers an exhaustive exploration of how Rome evolved from a small city-state into a vast empire that ruled the Mediterranean and beyond.

The extensive records allow for a deep dive into the genius of Roman engineering, the strategies of its legions, and the complex machinations of its senate.

From the Republic to the Empire, we cover the lives of emperors, gladiators, and common citizens, providing insights into Roman law, culture, and societal advancements foundational to Western civilization.

Artwork of priests of Ancient Rome. Key to Roman Mythology and Religion

The Complete Guide To Roman Mythology And Religion

Tom Curley

Welcome to our comprehensive hub on Roman mythology and religion, your portal to exploring the spiritual legacy of ancient Rome. ...

Roman goddess Trivia

Roman Goddess Trivia – Guardian of Crossroads

Tom Curley

As the goddess of crossroads, Trivia’s domain extended beyond the physical intersections of Roman roads to the metaphorical crossroads faced ...

Julius Caesar's greatest achievements

Top 16 Julius Caesar Achievements – (What Made Him Great)

Tom Curley

Was Julius Caesar a good leader? His record of military conquests and administrative reforms profoundly influenced the Roman Republic. Caesar’s ...

Painting of Abundantia, the Roman Goddess of Abundance

Abundantia – the Roman Goddess of Abundance

Tom Curley

In the pantheon of Roman deities, few symbols are as evocative of prosperity and abundance as the cornucopia, and no ...

Artwork of Laverna the Roman Goddess of Thieves

Laverna – The Roman Goddess of Thieves and Liars

Tom Curley

In Roman mythology, where gods and goddesses command the forces of nature and human fate, Laverna holds a unique and ...

The Creation of the World (Orbis fabrica), from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses', print, Antonio Tempesta. Ovid the most famous Roman poet

Famous Roman Poets – The Golden Age of Roman Poetry

Tom Curley

This article explores the great Golden Age of Roman poetry, a period that shaped our understanding of Roman ethos, culture, ...

The Roman Senate. Roman Citizenship was a requirement to become a senator

Civitas – Why Roman Citizenship Was So Important

Tom Curley

“Civis Romanus sum” – “I am a Roman citizen.” This declaration epitomized the pride and significance of Roman citizenship. Our ...

A Spartan Soldier

Rome vs Sparta – Who Would Win At Their Peak?

Tom Curley

History is brimming with stories of ancient empires and legendary rivalries; few are as renowned as Rome and Sparta. These ...

a roman inventor creating inventions from ancient rome

Top 10 Inventions From Ancient Rome – Building an Empire

Tom Curley

From architectural marvels and sophisticated infrastructure to advancements in medicine and timekeeping, the Romans’ contributions continue to be felt in ...

famous roman gladiator

Top 10 Famous Roman Gladiators – Masters of the Colosseum

Tom Curley

This article delves into the lives of the most famous Roman gladiators, uncovering their stories of bravery, rebellion, and spectacle. ...

Ancient Roman gladiators

The History of Roman Gladiators – Slaves, Politics and Blood

Tom Curley

Few spectacles capture the imagination quite like the gladiator games of Ancient Rome. These events, more than just bloodsport, were ...

Roman decadence. Food and drink was a central part of their culture

A Complete Guide to the Food and Drink of Ancient Rome

Tom Curley

From the simple breakfasts of the common folk to the elaborate dinners of the elite, and from their unique approach ...

A crazy Roman Emperor

Top 5 Craziest Roman Emperors – Imperial Insanity

Tom Curley

When we delve into the annals of history, the Roman Empire stands out for its grandeur, conquests, and, of course, ...

The sacred chickens of Rome

The Sacred Chickens of Rome – Divine Feathers and Fate

Tom Curley

In ancient Rome, sacred chickens were not just birds but pivotal figures in decision-making. These chickens were consulted for omens, ...

Emperor Diocletian's cabbages

Diocletian’s Cabbages – The Abdication of an Emperor

Tom Curley

“If only you knew the peace and tranquility I gain from tending and growing my cabbages.” This quote reveals a ...

Artwork of Julius Caesar's horse

The Story of Julius Caesar’s Horse – Myth and Reality

Tom Curley

“It is said, also, that Caesar, the Dictator, had a horse, which would allow no one to mount but himself, ...

Ancient roman symbols

10 Ancient Roman Symbols – What They Really Represent!

Tom Curley

Welcome to a journey through ancient Rome’s enduring symbols. We’ll explore how each emblem reflects this remarkable civilization’s culture, values, ...

A young Elagabalus. The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888).

Exploring Elagabalus – Gender, Religion, and Power in Rome

Tom Curley

Few emperors have sparked as much debate and fascination as Elagabalus, the teenage ruler whose brief and tumultuous reign from ...

Artwork of Cleopatra

Cicero and Cleopatra – The Clash of Republic and Monarchy

Tom Curley

The relationship between Cicero and Cleopatra is symbolic of the seismic shifts occurring in the late Roman Republic. This article ...

Artwork of the Roman Underworld

Pluto – Roman God of the Underworld (Evil or Misunderstood?)

Tom Curley

In Roman mythology, Pluto stands out as a fascinating and complex deity. Known as the god of the underworld, Pluto’s ...

Artwork of a Roman and Japanese soldier. Did the Romans know about Japan?

Did the Romans Know About Japan? – We Explore The Evidence

Tom Curley

Did the Romans know about Japan? It’s a question that teases the imagination. Imagine a world where Roman legions were ...

Colossus of Nero

The Colossus of Nero – Discover the Lost Giant

Tom Curley

The Colossus of Nero is not just another ancient statue but a towering 30-meter (98 ft) bronze spectacle. Conceived by ...

Belisarius, a Roman general reduced to begging on the street, recognized by a Roman soldier (1776). Fabre museum, Montpellier, France

Top 10 Greatest Roman Generals – (Republic and Empire)

Tom Curley

When it comes to military prowess, the annals of history resonate with the names of extraordinary leaders who shaped the ...

Was Septimius Severus a Black Roman Emperor

Was Septimius Severus a Black Roman Emperor?

Tom Curley

The founder of the Severan dynasty has long been the center of a fascinating debate: Was Septimius Severus a Black ...

Artwork depicting a gay Roman Emperor and his lover

Gay Roman Emperors – Ancient Taboos vs Modern Perspectives

Tom Curley

Step into the captivating world of Gay Roman Emperors – a historical tapestry woven with intrigue, passion, and political finesse. ...

Artwork showing Alexander face to face with a roman general. Could Alexander the Great have conquered Rome?

Could Alexander the Great have conquered Rome?

Tom Curley

Imagine if Alexander the Great aimed for Rome! Could he have reshaped history by conquering the future empire? Join us ...

Artwork of a portrait of a man wearing a laurel wreath

Laurel Wreath Symbolism – Ancient Myths to Modern Medals

Tom Curley

With its simple yet elegant design, the laurel wreath has symbolized victory, honor, and achievement for thousands of years. From ...

Artwork showing a Roman history documentary playing in a Roman living room

The 8 Best Roman Empire Documentaries

Tom Curley

From the glory and power of the Roman Empire to its eventual decline and fall, the story of ancient Rome ...

Artwork of an old looking long serving roman emperor

Longest Reigning Roman Emperors – (Top 10)

Tom Curley

The Roman Empire boasted some of history’s most influential and enduring political leaders, some of whom ruled for mere years ...

Collection of Greek gods

Roman Equivalents of Greek Gods

Tom Curley

Have you ever been curious about the gods and goddesses of ancient Greek and Roman mythology? Look no further! In ...

Artwork of the Vestal Virgins of Rome

The Vestal Virgins of Rome – Everything You Need to Know

Tom Curley

Step into ancient Rome’s world and discover the city’s most powerful women – the Vestal Virgins. These women were more ...

Artwork of the pagan sun god Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus – Origins and the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Tom Curley

The sun holds immense significance throughout history. In Ancient Rome, its representation was embodied by Sol Invictus, a powerful deity ...

A mystery cult being worshipped in ancient greece under the moonlight

Top 5 Fascinating Greco-Roman Mystery Cults

Tom Curley

Step into the realm of ancient Greco-Roman paganism, where gods and goddesses reigned supreme, from the sky-scraping peaks of Mount ...

Artwork of Emperor Nero. Realistic interpretation of what Nero looked like.

Emperor Nero Unmasked – 10 Horrifying Facts You Never Knew

Tom Curley

Nero was the last Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His reign ended a century-long family rule and led to civil ...

Artwork depicting Emperor Caligula. Realistic image of what he might have looked like.

Top 10 Disturbing Caligula Facts – Rome’s Craziest Emperor?

Tom Curley

Emperor Caligula, the third ruler of the Roman Empire, has become infamous in history for his erratic behavior and extreme ...

Artistic Portrait of Roman Emperor Augustus. Realistic image.

Emperor Augustus – Top 10 Greatest Achievements

Tom Curley

Octavian, later known as Augustus, was a remarkable leader whose reign over Rome transformed the Republic into an Empire lasting ...

Artistic Portrait of Roman Emperor Trajan. Realistic image.

Emperor Trajan – Top 10 Fascinating Facts

Tom Curley

Trajan was a standout Roman Emperor, ruling from 98 to 117 AD. He’s known for improving the empire in multiple ...

Artistic Portrait of Roman Emperor Vespasian. Realistic image.

Emperor Vespasian – Top 10 Fascinating Facts

Tom Curley

Vespasian, an emperor of Rome, is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding leaders in the history of the ...

Artwork of the Greatest Roman Emperor

The Greatest Roman Emperors Of All Time – (Top 5 Ranked)

Tom Curley

From the rise of Augustus to the fall of Augustulus, the Roman Empire witnessed the reign of approximately 70 Emperors, ...

A Roman statue podcasting

The 7 Best Roman History Podcasts

Tom Curley

Podcasts have revolutionized how we learn and engage with information, offering a flexible and convenient way to explore a wide ...

collapse of the roman empire. Colosseum on fire

The Fall of the Roman Empire – 8 Critical Causes

Tom Curley

What Led to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire? The Roman Empire was a Mediterranean juggernaut that weathered plagues, ...

Fall of Rome. Rome is seen burning

The Most Overrated Roman Emperors of All Time – (Top 5)

Tom Curley

The Roman Empire is famous for its engineering marvels, military successes, and cultural impact. But not all emperors were as ...

Gaius Julius Caesar, Art History Museum, Vienna, Austria

What if Julius Caesar Wasn’t Assassinated?

Tom Curley

What if Julius Caesar hadn’t met his fate on the Ides of March? Imagine the course of history if he ...