Artwork of priests of Ancient Rome. Key to Roman Mythology and Religion

The Complete Guide To Roman Mythology And Religion

Tom Curley

Welcome to our comprehensive hub on Roman mythology and religion, your portal to exploring the spiritual legacy of ancient Rome. ...

Julius Caesar's greatest achievements

Top 16 Julius Caesar Achievements – (What Made Him Great)

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Was Julius Caesar a good leader? His record of military conquests and administrative reforms profoundly influenced the Roman Republic. Caesar’s ...

The Creation of the World (Orbis fabrica), from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses', print, Antonio Tempesta. Ovid the most famous Roman poet

Famous Roman Poets – The Golden Age of Roman Poetry

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This article explores the great Golden Age of Roman poetry, a period that shaped our understanding of Roman ethos, culture, ...

The Roman Senate. Roman Citizenship was a requirement to become a senator

Civitas – Why Roman Citizenship Was So Important

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“Civis Romanus sum” – “I am a Roman citizen.” This declaration epitomized the pride and significance of Roman citizenship. Our ...

A Spartan Soldier

Rome vs Sparta – Who Would Win At Their Peak?

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History is brimming with stories of ancient empires and legendary rivalries; few are as renowned as Rome and Sparta. These ...

Constantine XI

Constantine XI’s Final Speech and the End of Byzantium

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“You, my comrades in arms, obey the commands of your leaders in the knowledge that this is the day of ...

Ancient Roman gladiators

The History of Roman Gladiators – Slaves, Politics and Blood

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Few spectacles capture the imagination quite like the gladiator games of Ancient Rome. These events, more than just bloodsport, were ...

Roman decadence. Food and drink was a central part of their culture

A Complete Guide to the Food and Drink of Ancient Rome

Tom Curley

From the simple breakfasts of the common folk to the elaborate dinners of the elite, and from their unique approach ...

A young Elagabalus. The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888).

Exploring Elagabalus – Gender, Religion, and Power in Rome

Tom Curley

Few emperors have sparked as much debate and fascination as Elagabalus, the teenage ruler whose brief and tumultuous reign from ...

The best Greek mythology books

The Best Greek Mythology Books – (Fiction & Non Fiction)

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This guide presents the best Greek mythology books, catering to a wide range of preferences. Initially, I unveil my top ...

Artwork of a Byzantine Emperor. Who are the greatest Byzantine Emperors?

Top 10 Greatest Byzantine Emperors

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Welcome to a journey through the annals of history, where we explore the grandeur of the Byzantine Empire through the ...

Artwork of the Roman Underworld

Pluto – Roman God of the Underworld (Evil or Misunderstood?)

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In Roman mythology, Pluto stands out as a fascinating and complex deity. Known as the god of the underworld, Pluto’s ...

Artwork of the Plague of Justinian. Byzantine Mosaic style. What if the Plague of Justinian never happened?

What if the Plague of Justinian never happened?

Tom Curley

What if the Plague of Justinian had remained a dormant threat, never erupting into the pandemic that reshaped the Mediterranean ...

Statue of Achilles. Alexander the Great and Achilles have a long connected history

Alexander the Great and Achilles – The Heroic Rivalry

Tom Curley

In the annals of history and the realms of myth, few figures loom as large as Alexander the Great and ...

Artwork of the 1453 Siege of Constantinople. Just one of many Sieges of Constantinople

The 6 Sieges of Constantinople that Defined a Millennium

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Welcome to an epic journey through time as we delve into the six most pivotal sieges of Constantinople! From Byzantine ...

Spartan soldiers

The Religion of Sparta – Origins, Gods, and Rituals

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Sparta stands out as a society singularly devoted to war and honor. Yet beneath the helmets and shields lay a ...

Artwork showing many different greek monsters and mythical creatures of mythology

Mythical Creatures and Monsters of Greek Mythology

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In the tapestry of ancient Greek mythology, amidst the heroic exploits of gods and mortals, lies a captivating world teeming ...

Artwork showing the many different gods and heroes of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Chronology – (Five Ages Of Man)

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Greek mythology, a realm teeming with gods, heroes, and epic tales, weaves a captivating tapestry of narratives that transcend time ...

Artwork depicting a gay Roman Emperor and his lover

Gay Roman Emperors – Ancient Taboos vs Modern Perspectives

Tom Curley

Step into the captivating world of Gay Roman Emperors – a historical tapestry woven with intrigue, passion, and political finesse. ...

Artwork showing Alexander face to face with a roman general. Could Alexander the Great have conquered Rome?

Could Alexander the Great have conquered Rome?

Tom Curley

Imagine if Alexander the Great aimed for Rome! Could he have reshaped history by conquering the future empire? Join us ...

Image of Alexander the Great as an Indian King

Could Alexander the Great have conquered India?

Tom Curley

Could Alexander the Great have conquered India? That’s a question that has intrigued minds for centuries. With a legendary army ...

Ai generated image of Alexander the Great bas on a Roman era marble bust.

What did Alexander the Great Look Like? – (AI Images)

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Alexander the Great’s legacy as a formidable military leader is undisputed, yet the details of his physical appearance have sparked ...

Artwork of the Diadochi waiting in the shadows

Diadochi Drama – Cutthroat World of Alexander’s Successors

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The death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC marked the end of an era in ancient history, as his ...

Art portrait of Seleucus

Seleucus I Nicator – Underdog to Emperor

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Seleucus I Nicator was a prominent figure in the post-Alexander era of ancient history. Through military skill, political maneuvering, and ...

Realistic image of Macedonian Regent Antipater

The Life of Antipater – Kingmaker to Diadochi Warrior

Tom Curley

Antipater played a pivotal role in the conquests of Alexander the Great and the subsequent Diadochi Wars. He served as ...

Artwork of Antigonus I Monophthalmus. Realistic image of what the Macedonian General looked like.

Antigonus I – Inches Away from Uniting Alexander’s Empire

Tom Curley

Antigonus was one of Alexander the Great’s generals and critical in many campaigns. After Alexander’s death, Antigonus sought to succeed ...

Artwork of Craterus. Realistic image of what the Macedonian General might have looked like.

Craterus – Alexander’s General Overshadowed by Circumstance

Tom Curley

Craterus was one of Alexander the Great’s toughest generals and one of his most trusted advisers. He played a crucial ...

Artwork of the Macedonian General Perdiccas. Realistic image of the Diadochi ruler.

The Rise and Fall of Perdiccas – Ambition and Overconfidence

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Perdiccas was one of Alexander the Great’s most trusted generals, playing a crucial role in his conquests and the early ...

Artwork of a realistic portrait of Ptolemy I Soter.

The Rise of Ptolemy I – From General to Pharaoh

Tom Curley

Ptolemy Soter was one of the most prominent successors of Alexander the Great, known as the Diadochi. His life spanned ...

Head of a colossal statue of ram-horned Zeus Ammon, Roman Tunisia (?), AD 150-180, Liebieghaus, Frankfurt

God Complex – How Zeus Ammon Shaped Alexander the Great

Tom Curley

Alexander the Great was fascinated with the Zeus Ammon, a deity that combined aspects of Greek and Egyptian mythology. This ...

Artwork of Alexander the Great and Hephaestion

Alexander the Great’s Lovers – From Queens to Soldiers

Tom Curley

Alexander the Great wasn’t just a military genius who changed the course of history. He also had a fascinating love ...

Artwork of the pagan sun god Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus – Origins and the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

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The sun holds immense significance throughout history. In Ancient Rome, its representation was embodied by Sol Invictus, a powerful deity ...

artwork of venetian merchants

Is Alexander the Great Buried in St. Mark’s Cathedral?

Tom Curley

The search for Alexander the Great’s missing body has been one of the most captivating mysteries in history. Historians have ...

Artwork showing Alexander the Great on his death bed

Where Is Alexander the Great Buried? – (Ancient Mysteries)

Tom Curley

The story of Alexander the Great’s final resting place remains one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world. As ...

collapse of the roman empire. Colosseum on fire

The Fall of the Roman Empire – 8 Critical Causes

Tom Curley

What Led to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire? The Roman Empire was a Mediterranean juggernaut that weathered plagues, ...

Gaius Julius Caesar, Art History Museum, Vienna, Austria

What if Julius Caesar Wasn’t Assassinated?

Tom Curley

What if Julius Caesar hadn’t met his fate on the Ides of March? Imagine the course of history if he ...

Al old Alexander the Great looking over his Empire

What If Alexander the Great Lived Longer?

Tom Curley

Alexander the Great, synonymous with military genius and far-reaching influence, had a life tragically cut short. He ruled for a ...

A modern imagination of Constantinople

What if Constantinople Didn’t Fall? – (Modern Byzantium?)

Tom Curley

The fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in 1453 was a turning point in history, marking the end of the ...